Lyrical Sunday (on a Monday): Friendship

With my sister currently in New Zealand I have really been thinking so much about the amazing connection we have – not just as sisters – but also as friends. We’re also seeing a whole new path unfurl before us – as we unite to give three special girls all the support we can muster, in guiding them through childhood to adulthood (and beyond!).

At the Zoo on Easter Sunday: from left to right - Sarah, Alice, Charlotte, Sophie & Auntie Claire

It’s been well over four years since we were together in person and it’s not easy to be in regular contact when we live on opposite sides of the planet! Nevertheless, when we are together the time morphs and the deep rooted memories of a happy, shared childhood reunites us.

Me & my sister, Easter 2012

We are both incredibly different individuals, both in our intellectual strengths and the way our lives have led us along different paths. However, we have such a huge appreciation and admiration for one another. For me, having my sister here this week has been incredible. What’s more she is and always will be a wonderful ‘Auntie Claire’ to her three little nieces, who are only just beginning to truly appreciate how amazing she is!

Alice, Charlotte & Sophie at the playground in Lyall Bay on Easter Saturday

My sister, my friend –
and my polar opposite,
There for each other –
with complete understanding.
Two different people –
contrasting passions and talents.

Two hearts together –
supporting and inspiring.
Memories of childhood –
nourish us, bond, and guide us.
A friendship of blood –
a spirit of trust and a love, made richer with time.

© Sarah Lee, 2012


Linking up with Latte Junkie for Lyrical Sunday (on Monday) and this week the theme is ‘Friendship‘.

Lyrical Sunday

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