Things I’m Loving: Laying Low!

Midnight on Thursday Alice was sick – I thought it was just the spag bog (quite a rich sauce), but it’s now Saturday morning and she’s still not holding down much. She must be getting some fluids through – as she’s not being sick straight after drinking (and she’s breastfeeding too), but every two to three hours she’s being sick 🙁

Nevertheless, she’s still smiling, jumping and laughing and we’ve just had a lovely Skype call with Grandma in England, whilst Alice managed to hold down some noodles (her request) and water… so there’s hope!

And whilst Alice has been fighting off some tummy bug I’ve been laying low, napping in-between loading up the washing machine and holding the fort, whilst the man of the house is away on business for four night’s in San Francisco (back on Monday morning… yes, I am counting down the hours!).

Charlotte and Sophie have been very supportive. We watched the first half of the Titanic Movie yesterday morning (they kept asking so many *fact or fiction* questions I had to have Google open at my side – and the wonderful National Geographic ‘Titanic 100‘). And too deflect any guilt I may *or may not* feel at them watching lots of stuff on the box – they have been self driven to do lots of drawings – portraits in fact! And Charlotte came up with this wonderful  monster painting (instructions on her blog), over the course of a few days – painting in stages, which kind of sums up how I’m feeling!

Monster painting by Charlotte age 8

Thankfully, our friend, and once in a while home-help and nanny, Frances came round Friday afternoon for a few hours to keep the peace when the cabin fever started to take its toil. She’s coming around this Saturday afternoon too.

So, that’s what’s been happening in our little corner of the big wide world – whilst the ‘ring of fire’ has been shaking things up on planet Earth; with earthquakes in Mexico and Indonesia. We felt a rumble in Welly too – before Auntie Claire departed back to England.

The biggest news we’ve had this week is Sophie losing a tooth (as in a milk tooth falling out) and this time she actually managed to keep hold of it and not lose it before the tooth fairy could visit! It was out of her mouth and into the tooth fairy box before any mishap could take place. She was quick to write a note to the tooth fairy – asking for a note in return – so the tooth fairy was pretty busy last night!

Sophie's note to the tooth fairy

To Tooth Fairy, here is my tooth. It came out when I was looking in the mirror.

P.S. Please leave me a new note!

Oh, and I’m loving reading to my big girls whilst Daddy is away! I normally just crash pretty early, whilst my big girls keep going – sometimes past my energy levels! But, since Alice has been really sleepy and gone to bed early the past couple of night, I’ve made some special time to read to Charlotte and Sophie. Even though they are both very able readers, there is nothing quite as lovely as cuddling up and hearing a story read out loud. Loving Wind in the Willows– such a beautifully written and entertaining read, with really is a classic holding strong in time. Charlotte brought it home from her school library to read over the holidays.

Sophie is loving ‘Spell Sisters‘, aimed at girls aged 7-9, a magical adventure series based on the Arthurian legend. The stories follow a young Guinevere as she embarks on a quest to protect the enchanted island of Avalon from the evil sorceress Morgana la Fey. Morgana has lured her sorceress sisters from the island of Avalon and placed a spell on them, imprisoning them in eight hidden locations across the realm and stealing their unique magical powers for herself. It’s up to Guinevere, with the help of her cousin Flora and Moonlight, a wild horse with magical abilities, to rescue the sisters and return the magic to Avalon.

The series brings a fresh new twist to the Arthurian legend, putting Guinevere in the spotlight for the first time as a feisty heroine who doesn’t want to leave all the fun to the boys!

Finally I’m loving the memories of the week we had with my sister here. This time last week we were basking in sunshine together. Now, as I write, she’ll be looking forward to touching down on land in England and being met at the airport by my dear Mum and Dad.

[Good news! It’s midday and Alice has held down food and water! – Yes, it’s taken me all morning – on and off – to write this post in-between parenting and washing! Finger’s crossed that’s the end of the tummy bug!]