Lyrical Sunday | Poem on Parenthood

P is for Patience, that every parent wishes they had more of.

A is for Analysis of sleepless nights, developmental phases & disturbing behavior.

R is for Remembering, Rewards and trying to parent without Regrets.

E is for Empathy, Endurance & happy Ever After.

N is for No, Naughty & Never going back.

T is for Tears, Tantrums & Thank You for Tomorrow,

H is for Happy & Hugs, that make it all worth while.

O is for Obedient, Optimistic, Open-minded & Obsessed.

O is also for Oval, Orange & One.

D is for Dependents, Duty, Devoted & Dedication – sometimes Dirty, & occasionally Dangerous!

© Sarah Lee, 2012


Lyrical Sunday