A Poem of a Special Father’s Day in New Zealand | Lyrical Sunday

This Father’s Day, there were hand-written cards –
Decorated with stickers, stamps and pictures.
Breakfast in bed, made without help from Mumma –
Freshly baked heart biscuits & waitress service.

IMG_2725 IMG_2734

Three daughters sat on their Daddy’s bed –
Watching him open their carefully wrapped presents;
An Avengers film and funny boxers –
Candy planes and battleship chocolate games.


The morning was spent at Zealandia
Fresh air, exercise, coffee and nature.
The afternoon was full of fun and play –
A swim at the pool and singing from Alice.


The evening was spent at Heavens Pizza
Where Daddy dined with his oldest two girls.
Young Alice was happy to tuck home with Mumma –
Fast asleep by the time the others returned.

She went to sleep listening to stories of love –
Dreaming of her Daddy she adores so much.
A father who devotes so much of his time –
To three lucky daughters, blessed more than they know.


A father who is patient, fun and kind –
Lays down his body to be tickled, prodded and climbed.
A father who lets his happy tears show –
When his children express their love with songs, words and dances.

He puts them first, even though they torment him –
He cares for them with a tender heart.
His hands ever guiding and gentle –
A mind ever thoughtful of, ‘What is best?’

© Sarah Lee, 2012


Lyrical Sunday