Photo A Day MAY | My Kitchen!

My kitchen is a place of experiments,

play dough, chalk scribbles, arts and crafts.

It’s a place of baking and breakfasting,

preparing and cleaning.

My kitchen 7pm, Friday night in Autumn

It’s seen days of babes being washed in the sink –

and water splashed in a flood over the floor.

Games of ‘sink and float’ in baking bowls –

and flour handprints on the table, handles and door.

It’s been lit with twinkling lights and balloons,

even seen pretend ghosts hung from the ceiling.

Charlotte & her friend Sasha creating an evening 'glow'!

Children’s artwork is displayed –

with a generous sprinkling of love.

Lavender hangs, to dry, from the window frame –

along with crystals and fairies.

A shelf in my kitchen

It’s a kitchen that belongs to a busy family.

A kitchen that’s making memories and full of love.

It is the most used place in our home and –

if our home had a heart –

our kitchen would be it!