Photo A Day MAY *Catchup* | Inspire, Smell, Do Everyday, Fav Word

Yesterday was ‘Someone Who Inspires You’, Tuesday was ‘A Smell You Adore’, Wednesday was ‘Something You Do Everyday’ and today is ‘A Favourite Word’.

I’m playing catch-up… (not much time for blogging, with hubbie away on foreign shores and my three daughters keeping me busy, busy, busy!). So, without further ado…

Someone Who Inspires You [Monday, 7 May]

The first thing that came to mind with Monday’s challenge was all the amazing mothers I know, who share their journey in parenting on-line. Women who open up and talk of the ups and downs of motherhood. Women who share their ideas and inspirations. There has been many a morning when I’ve logged onto my computer and read an uplifting post or, at the end of the night, after a trying day, I read a post from another mother who reminds me of what’s important – like this post by Amy Black, ‘The fortunate ones‘, written on ‘The big swell’ – a fabulous website about ‘growing a planet of healthy families’.

I thought of so many blogs I read and women on Facebook and Twitter that lift my spirits day (and night!). It wouldn’t have been easy to capture this with a photograph, so instead I’m using this photo of my hand next to my Mum’s hand, which was taken when she visited us here in New Zealand over New Year. Both my parents are a constant source of support and inspiration to me.

Here’s a toast to all the wonderful mothers who inspire each other to parent the best they can!

Here's to all the wonderful Mum's of the world!

A Smell You Adore [Tuesday, 8 May]

So, a smell I adore?! Well, there’s lavender and sweet peas, fresh roasted coffee beans and warm bread, but on Tuesday – when my daughters and I bid farewell to Dan (hubbie dearest and wonderful Dad), the smell I was most wanting to embrace was the scent of my hubbie!

We went to the airport to see him off and little Alice was so cute, asking, ‘Daddy, can I come too?’ and saying, ‘I love you Daddy’.

She’s seen him on Skype since he left – but I think she is a little concerned that when people leave on an airplane they end up stuck in the computer on something we call ‘Skype’! Ah well, two more sleeps now and he shall be home again – so we can all get a fix of ‘Daddy’ smell on Saturday morning, hee, hee!


Something You Do Everyday [Wednesday, 9 May]

Cuddle! Of course I thought of washing and cooking and all the chores – but the nicest thing I do everyday is cuddle my family 🙂 My wonderful daughters…

Me and my girls on a sunny Sunday

And their super duper Daddy…

My hubbie

A Favourite Word [Today, Thursday 10 May]

Today is Chinese Grandma’s Birthday (hubbie’s Mum). Our love and thoughts are with her – and our biggest wish is that the sun comes out for her special day, as we hear the weather has been extremely wet and (here comes THE word)….


Hope the sunshine comes to brighten your day soon Chinese Grandma! Lots of love xx