Things I’m Loving: Reading, Yoga & Romance!

There’s nothing like an approaching wedding anniversary on the calendar to stir up romance, memories and reflection in the marital home. Thirteen years of marriage we will celebrate next week and nearly twenty years of knowing one another. The traditional ‘gift’ for thirteen years is ‘lace’, which is perfect timing for the stage we’re at in our relationship….

* The return of opportune ‘couple time‘! *

Our youngest child is finally old enough to be safely distracted for long enough to allow us to nip away for a few secret moments – without this happening…

Hello Mum!

Our older girls (age six and eight) are easily distracted in a book, computer game or some art project. There’s a feeling in the air of a little breathing space to grab sneaky opportunities for couple time and it feels goooood!

As does a little time to do some yoga – whilst Alice plays alongside without always interrupting me or climbing all over me.  I’ve been recording ‘Yoga TV‘ (on around 6.30am on ‘Living Channel’) – actually it was hubbie dearest that discovered it and initially recorded a session for me. He’s benefiting from my workouts in more ways than he probably anticipated… The other day there was a reference to some poses being good for the ‘ole libido – well – let’s just say that hubbie came home late, from a work function, and was treated to a very energized and passionate wife!

I’ve also got my reading mojo in high gear (after reading ‘The Hunger Games‘ trilogy in less than a fortnight). This week I’ve read two romantic novels, in the cosy comfort of my bed, on the glow of my iPhone (Amazon Kindle makes it so easy – and affordable!).

So thanks must go out to the author of ‘The Marriage Bargain‘, Jennifer Probst, and the author of ‘On the Island‘, Tracey Garvis Graves, for taking me on a literary trip of escapism! I’d forgotten the power of a good romance novel to spice things up in the marital bed!

I’m now sat awaiting the return of my husband from a hard day in the office, wearing some fancy underwear under my dressing gown, that hasn’t seen the light of day since I was 20 (I know, I’m fortunate to still fit in to it – lucky genes). It’s not quite like the pre-children greeting – he’ll have to wait a little while before we can really enjoy ourselves, but there’s a little more spice back in the house that hasn’t been around for a while!

It’s always been like this – the first two years after a baby enters the home there’s a haze of sleep deprivation and chaos, developmental milestones, teething, colds, tummy bugs – then, once that two year milestone is struck, a little ‘normality’ starts to return to our relationship. I’m lucky to have a very patient husband (and a wise father, who on our wedding day mentioned the importance of communication, holding hands and – for the husband – to learn the importance of the words ‘Yes, dear!’).

And then, finally, the little ones find other things to do to keep them amused for just long enough to escape from little paws to a (dare I say it! – the glass of wine I’ve just consumed dares me to)… lover’s hands!


Joining in with a slightly raunchy post for ‘Things I’m Loving’ this week!