The Photo Gallery: Hands – on a jar of Kiwi Marmite!

Kiwi Marmite!

Like her mother, she loves it with passion –
only I grew up in England, eating
Marmite of a different nation.
This is Kiwi Marmite, home grown in this land –
The real monty for a Kiwi born girl.

Sad truth is, the New Zealand factory –
was destroyed in the Christchurch earthquake.
News of stocks running low was the story.
A jar sold on TradeMe, could a richly sum make.

I remember the day I scrapped our jar bare –
There wasn’t a lick of black gold left in it.
I spread the last smears on half a bagel with care –
On the other side I spread Vegemite.

‘Perhaps she won’t notice?’ I thought hopefully –
But she’s a girl of astute tastes, our miss.
She screwed up her face, disgusted, in fury –
And accepted the bad news with a hiss.

Her 9th Birthday approached, I called for help –
I got on Facebook, Twitter… put the word out…
My prayers were answered, I gave out a yelp –
A mother of four, replied to my shout.

‘Are you certain?’ I asked, ‘Your children won’t mind?’
‘Have you enough to last your family thru’ the drought?’
I was so delighted, oh my, how kind!
The jar arrived the next day, without a doubt.

I tucked it away, till my girls Birthday –
I couldn’t wait to hear what she would say!
Her eyes were first to light up, along with her smile,
Her hands held that jar with absolute delight.

© Sarah Lee, 2012

With special thanks to a wonderful woman – Mika – of the inspiring ‘Juggling Motherhood’ blog x