Walking the pages, a book of their own making

Latte Junkie set the theme of ‘BOOKS’ for Lyrical Sunday this week. I often look at my children as though they are characters in a book – I’ve actually been told, ‘Your children are just like something out of a story book…’ (I took that in a positive light – with the smile that came with it – but as in any book, there’s drama, highs and lows). Here’s my poem…

Walking the pages of a book of their making

‘Like characters from a children’s book’, is
how they have been described, my daughters.
At home in the pages of C S Lewis,
Little Women, Railway Children, charmers.
But as in any good book, there’s drama –
Challenges and conflicting characters.
Days of stress fractures give way to calmer.
Three daughters, all different, finding their path,
Walking the pages, making their own books.

© Sarah Lee, 2012


Lyrical Sunday