Olympics | A Poem for Lyrical Sunday

What an incredible opening ceremony of the Olympics in London! We woke to a brilliant day of winter sunshine in New Zealand and watched the opening ceremony on the television with great excitement and awe. The most amazing history lesson of Great Britain unfolded before our eyes (fabulous slide-show of photographs on the IOC website).


We danced as the innovation of technology took us through the music of the ages, the pastures green and the industrial revolution. Our older girls shouted out with great excitement, ‘It’s Mr. Bean! It’s Mr. Bean!’ as the orchestra struck up Chariots of Fire with Rowan Atkinson playing a starring role as ‘Mr. Bean’.

Our jaws dropped as 007 walked in to accompany Queen Elizabeth II to the games – and we giggled at her good humour of playing along, ‘Good evening, Mr Bond’ she said, with well rehearsed expectance. We giggled at the parachute stunt and how when she appeared in the stadium she almost looked bewildered enough to consider that she had just jumped out of a helicopter.

We tried to guess who would be the final torch bearer to light the Olympic flame for the games and were impressed, and surprised, with the spectacular cauldron of flames lit by seven young athlete’s representing Britain’s hopes for the future.

It was a marvellous opening ceremony, particularly touching to my husband and I – being so far away from our birth country and also to share history in the making, with our three New Zealand born daughters.

This Lyrical Sunday my friend Cyndi, of the Latte Junkie blog, has justly set the theme as ‘Olympics’ in honour of the opening ceremony. Here’s a little poem I put together this evening.

Olive leaf crowns, in
London town, this
Year – of 2012.
Music, film and majesty,
Poetry, humour and history,
Intertwine, the international
Community – Where Chariots of Fire, set the world blazing,
Sharing the legacy of a nation, with its head – held – high.

– © Sarah Lee, 2012


Linking up with Latte Junkie for Lyrical Sunday.