WILD Wellington spring Saturday

Wild at Heart Wellington was today. Roof tiles went flying, windows were smashed and trampolines became air-borne as wild winds battered Wellington. We parked up to capture the scene near the end of Wellington runway and the car was buffeted back and forth by the wild, wind, gusting to 140km/h. Flights were delayed. Passengers experienced the horror of double aborted landings before returning to where they’d started their journey (see video footage of the wild weather in the Capital city here).

Lyall Bay and the end of Wellington runway

We were glad to have our feet firmly on the ground – though as you can see from these photographs the wind nearly blew a few of us off our feet!

Dan, Charlotte & Sophie with on a very windy day near Lyall Bay, Wellington

I took these photographs through an open window of the car (Alice slept through it all, napping in her car-seat).

Flying in Wellington!

They were out there for all of five minutes before retreating to the car – but came back giggling hysterically at the thrill of being buffeted senseless by the wind!

Making their way back to the car

Getting back into the car wasn’t an easy task – Dan held on tight to the door, to make sure no limbs were dismembered and that the car door didn’t take flight!

Hold on to the door! There she blows!

It was crazy wild!

Lyall Bay

This evening we’re staying tucked up in the warm, just about to watch the All Blacks vs Argentina – should be a good game!