Flying solo this week :(

The man of our house left on a jet plane last night. We’re not used to him being away. When I was a little girl my Dad was away every week or so – for two to three weeks at a time (I don’t know how my Mum coped!). There were lots of tears from Miss 6, whereas Miss 9 was very brave and on her Daddy’s departure made herself busy (organising things for Miss 6’s – as yet undiscussed – Birthday – which is four month’s away!). Miss 2 has been out of sorts with a virus and it wasn’t till after he’d left she said, ‘Daddy gone to his work place now’.

It’s very apparent that looking after my three daughters solo is very different to having my man by my side. Bedtimes are protracted and quite relaxed here usually – but that will have to change this week, or I will not survive! Added to this is my two year old being ill. She’s been floppy, lethargic, has a tight chesty cough – after last week saying ‘ouch’ and pointing to her mouth all the time and telling me her tummy was sore. Tonight she woke up (whilst I was trying to chase Miss 6 and 9 to their beds close to 9pm) and has only just settled back to sleep (11pm). Poor love kept holding her front bottom and saying ‘ouchie’. I suspect a little urinary tract infection and will visit the doctors tomorrow. I ended up holding her in my arms, nursing her to sleep, with a damp cloth on her bottom to ease the ‘ouchie’. I’ve since laid her in bed and put on a nappy. I’m hoping she sleeps okay now. I shall get some shut eye soon – whilst I can.

We’ll soon find our rhythm (I hope), as we count off the nights till our man’s return (seven to go).

Alice picked this blossom from a tree, whilst waiting to collect Charlotte from school today, and said, “For Daddy”. Small hands, holding spring blossom and thinking of her Daddy in a faraway land…

Alice holding spring blossom in the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park

Not sure what tomorrow will bring – but I must try to stay strong for my daughters. I know I ask more of them when their Daddy’s away – I can’t help it, I only have one pair of hands. I’m asking them to be strong too – and together we can get through (I’m thinking of a circle of people making an armchair for the next – if one moves the circle collapses – it’s a tricky game!).