Photo A Day MAY | Skyline

After one of the warmest April’s on record in New Zealand, May has started with a taste of the winter season yet to unfold. Blustery winds and horizontal rain battered Wellington. ┬áBut, the sun kept shining through the dramatic, fast moving, cloudscape to reveal rainbows of light on the hilly topography that surrounds Wellington.

Photo A Day MAY | Skyline -Wellington, New Zealand

After collecting Charlotte from school today I took my three daughters for a blast of sea air on Wellington’s dramatic south coast. We parked up along the surfer end of Lyall Bay, adjacent to the airport. There were lots of brave surfers in the freezing conditions, catching the tumultuous, crashing waves.

Amazing surf

We screamed with excitement and exhilaration as the sea crashed on the boulder rocks and sprayed us.

Surf hitting the rocks at Lyall Bay

The sea wall, at the end of the runway, was battered in a surge of high swells – possibly caused by this month’s close passing of the moon to Earth – watch out for the ‘supermoon‘ at the weekend!

It looked spectacular coming up behind the hills over the airport this evening. Hoping for clear night skies over the weekend for the super full moon!

Approaching the full super moon on 5 May

But spectacular as it was, the girls weren’t dressed in thermals and it wasn’t long before they were driven back to the warmth of the car.

Cold, yet spectacular

Leaving me to shout with glee at the awesomeness of the sky, waves and elements. It was a moment when the elements filled me with life and vitality, where at times they can erode my very core.

Brave surfers getting a big rush at Lyall Bay