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Always a pleasure to end a week by reflecting on the ‘loves’ from the week (especially whilst sipping a delightful Pinot Noir from dear hubbie!).

Thank you for this hubbie - 'Mysterious Diggings' Pinot Noir!!

The little things are often what make a good week, such as finishing a good book. This week I’ve been consumed with, ‘The Sisterhood‘, by Helen Bryan. It holds a message of ‘Let’s start the peace’, between different religions, and also to listen and respect women the world over, in equal measure to men. It spans history from the birth of Jesus to modern times, travelling between Spain and South America, following the lives of inspiring women.

Then there are the quotes I come across on Pinterest, that strike a chord just at the right time, as our 14th Wedding Anniversary approaches and I reflect on our journey together…


And the ‘YouTube’ videos that go viral and end up making my day – such as the one about a certain Canadian astronaut that’s made the headlines this week. That video has totally recaptured my childlike ‘awe’ of space, as well as revisiting David Bowie classics!

There’s also the realities of life, the bumps in the road, that have to be dealt with. A visit to the doctor confirmed what I’d been putting off for a month – my ankle does need attention and a sports physiotherapist I must visit, before I go hard core on anymore runs (not that I ever was ‘hard core’ in a serious runner way – but I was ‘hard core’ enough for me at the time!!). The dark evenings, combined with not being able to run regularly, have impacted my mental health (I always hit a little wobble at this time of year), so my medication has been notched up a little to help me cope. The sore throat that has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks wasn’t my imagination and a script for antibiotics (extremely unusual to be given one) was written out by my doctor – though I shall battle on with natural remedies for now – as my doctor suggested – and use the script only as a last resort.

Then there’s the ‘highs’ from reflecting on a sunshine blessed Mothers Day on Sunday, which prompted this poem…

Mothers Day in NZ a poem - © Sarah Lee, 2013

Combined with a happy tear moment, of accompanying my eldest daughter to school, on Friday at ‘Mothers to School Morning’, where we spent an hour initiating work on her ‘Geology’ Science Badge, before going for morning tea and being entertained in the hall, decorated with flowers and pink balloons, to raise funds for ‘Breast Cancer Research‘. My daughter sang a solo of ‘Rainbow Connection’ and I was so touched and proud. I’m thrilled for her to have found a school where she can feel so at home and really be herself. It will be hard to leave, come September, when we head to Santa Barbara, but she is looking forward to the experience – and thankfully her school will still be there for her when we return to New Zealand – eventually (as her school goes all the way up to college level).

I also had a lovely moment with my youngest daughter, Alice, and Sophie, at the wonderful ‘Central Park’ playground and gardens in Brooklyn, Wellington.

Central Park, Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand

Simple things. Always the best. The thrill of playing in a playground – with no one else there – being surrounded by woodland.

And a moment of fresh air and sunshine on a Monday morning, when I was feeling really low and needing uplifting.

Oriental Parade, Wellington

And the treasures we find on the beach at low-tide, being careful to put them back safely when it’s time to go home, taking only photographs and leaving only footprints…

Alice and the starfish

So many little things, that add up to so much. Grateful for friends and family, the messages they send that brighten my day, make me smile and laugh, or pause for thought. Hope you have found plenty to love in the past week and enjoy a wonderful weekend.



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