He’s here, but so are the children…

As much as I adore my children, it’s really hard for my husband and I to have any time together.

Dan and our youngest at Puzzling World Maze, Wanaka

We’re here in beautiful Queenstown on holiday, but with me sharing a bed with Alice (Miss 3), Dan sharing a room with Sophie (Miss 7) – who doesn’t like to sleep without an adult and still has a single bed in our bedroom at home (as does Miss 3 – who sleeps on a futon in our bedroom usually), and Charlotte (she’s independent and enjoying the comfort of a double bed to herself), we aren’t have much time together!

During the day we juggle the children between us, fitting activities around them to keep everyone happy.

Dan and his wonderful daughters

Bedtimes are late – 9.30 / 10.00pm and by the time the children are asleep we struggle to stay up much past them. Get the picture?

Me and our three lovely daughters

We are having a fun, family holiday, but it is very, very much ‘family’ and not a ‘couples’ holiday. We have so many fond memories of spending time here before the children, but for now they are memories – and not something we can recreate.

We snatch moments as we run along after the children to linger for a kiss, to hold hands, to give one another a hug, but we are always being pulled away from one another. Not that I wish to complain – as we are so very, very grateful to have three wonderful, healthy, energetic and intelligent children, but… sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to have a little more time together too. xx

On the Queenstown Gondala, taken by our eldest daughter