Shotover Jet, for all but my little Hobbit

Adrenaline was pumping in the veins of Miss 7 and Miss 9 on the Shotover Jet ride – with their Daddy sandwiched in between them. The girls biggest fear, other than getting completely drenched in the glacially cold water, was losing their beanie hats as the jet boat accelerated at high speed through the canyons.

Shotover Jet, Queenstown

Meanwhile, Little Miss 3 (under the minimum height of 1 metre) and I had to stay on dry land, but had her own fears – mainly being eaten alive by sand-flies – so we kept moving (or rolling, down hills, as in little Miss 3’s case!).

Alice hiding from sand flies

We found plenty to entertain ourselves on the banks of the river, building stone towers and skipping stones.

Stone towers at the Shotover

And the autumnal colours that decorated the valley were splendid.

Autumn on the Shotover

Sitting on boulder rocks

And, after a morning of action, we warmed up with a hot chocolate, whilst dreaming of future adventures.

What next?!

Maybe Little Miss 3 will get a chance to return one day and ride the rapids herself – by either jet or raft (like her Mummy and Daddy have done a few times)!

river riding


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