Charlotte’s Thoughts

Going to the Swimming Pool:
Charlotte: Mummy, how do dolphins swim so well?
Mummy: Well, they wave their tale gracefully to propel their body through the water.
Charlotte: Mummy, if I had a ‘doo dah’ like Daddy I could wiggle that in the pool and swim better!

Charlotte educating Daddy about dinosaurs on a hill-walk:
Charlotte: Daddy, do you think dinosaurs are here?
Daddy: No! Dinosaurs are extinct. Do you know what extinct means?
Charlotte: Erm, yes, it means they are all dead.
Daddy: Do you know why they are extinct?
Charlotte: Yes, Daddy, a big fire ball came from the sky.

On picking Charlotte up from Kindi:
Charlotte: Mummy do you have a treat for me?

On preparing for Charlotte’s Birthday:
Charlotte: Mummy, I want to invite everyone that recognises me (including the lady at the reception desk at the swimming pool, the lady at the Zoo, Hayley from the cafe at the museum, my teacher at Kindi… and so the list goes on!)

Charlotte at every shop:
Charlotte: Mummy, can I have this as an early Birthday present?

Charlotte’s Birthday wish list:
Charlotte: Mummy, I would like a scooter for my Birthday.
Mummy: Well, we need to sell some of your old ride-ons you and Sophie have grown too big for.
Charlotte: Or we could give them to other children.

Charlotte on seeing a plastic bottle in the rubbish bin:
Charlotte: That is very naughty! You will get a red footprint if you do that!

Charlotte got cross in the bath the other night when I splashed her back after she’d soaked me, this was her response:
Charlotte: Mummy, that was very naughty! You don’t do that!
Mummy: But you splashed me first!
Charlotte: Mummy, go to Taupo!

When Sophie takes a nap:
Charlotte: Mummy, isn’t this lovely? This is our special time.