Walks: Before and After

Life is always changing.
Before children we’d walk further, faster and higher.
That time will come again.
Little footsteps will grow and out walk our own.
Bodies of energy, enthusiasm and spirits eager to adventure.

We used to walk and ponder, on times past and those to come.
Always time to stop for a kiss.
Time to hold hands.
Time to dream.

Watching couples with young children.
Marvelling in the miracle of life, wondering if we would one day create our own.
Knowing our lives would change, but no one could prepare us for how much.
Unconditional love, sounds so formal, and yet so all encompassing.
Until it is felt, it is impossible to imagine.

Now we live in the moment with our children.
A walk is always always an adventure for their small bodies and growing minds.
Constant pauses to notice small details.
Skipping stones on the sea.
Collecting leaves, shells and other natural treasures.
Testing little bodies limitations.
Climbing, running, jumping, balancing.

Our walks are full of questions and observations.
Our answers sometimes a moral reflection on our own lives.
We listen, we talk, we learn together.