Open 2 View: Wet Weather Dreaming

There’s been a few grumpy faces around Wellington these past few weeks (and not just because of the All Blacks loss at The World Cup). Miserable wet and windy weather has driven a few folk to surf the Internet and consider a move. I’ve bumped into the same faces repeatedly at Te Papa and other indoor attractions. My retail therapy bill has risen and chocolate consumption increased markedly. We drive past the playground with gloomy looks on our faces and summer days seem a long time coming. The truth is,
when the sun is smiling on Wellington it is a top place to live. But when the wind sets in for a few, relentless weeks (combined with horizontal rain showers) everyone goes a little crazy. I sat in the changing rooms of the local swimming pool listening to all the parents losing it with their restless children and thought of a friend whose not long emigrated to the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. A private swimming pool in the sun would have been just the ticket for many parents on that day.

Thankfully, we did have one sunny day this week. Tuesday was calm and sunny all day. I was very insistent that we played out all day at the beach, but the girls were surprisingly keen on getting home by the afternoon. They have obviously become accustomed to our indoor fixes of games, puzzles, drawing and craft. Admittedly, we have managed to have a lot of fun indoors.

Lyall Bay Beach (on the one sunny day of the week!):

In the evenings I’ve found myself surfing ‘Open 2 View’ and looking at what houses we could trade our house in for; in calmer parts of the country. It certainly makes me think! Here’s a couple of gems I came across:

Omokora, Tauranga District, Bay of Plenty
Whangamata, Coromandal Coast, Coromandal Peninsula
Atawhai, Nelson City
Martinborough, South Wairarapa
Redcliffs, Christchurch City, Canterbury
Mt Pleasant, Christchurch City, Canterbury

At least the sun has arrived in time for the weekend: but Charlotte nearly got blown off her feet at the Zoo this morning! I heard that a man actually got blown over in town this week! And skateboarders were holding open their jackets and literally ‘surfing’ down the street!