Fathers Day 2011

The man of the house had a jolly good time this Fathers Day, bestowed with creative gifts, hugs and giggles from day break to sun down.

He got treated to breakfast in bed, glorious sunshine, a family scoot to the bay and back, before an avo on the waterfront, scoffing gelato, sipping a mocha and enjoying a pipe… (too warm for slippers).


His breakfast of pancakes, fresh pineapple, grapes, a flake and maple syrup, was served with a smile from his doting daughters (everyone had to play a part, of course!). Even Alice wanted to help out in the kitchen and kept moving her stool from stove top to kitchen bench to see what was happening and try to help. She did a great job of ‘cutting’ grapes. Sophie was given the duty of waitress and sent out into the garden to pick fresh daffodils and lavender to accompany the breakfast.

The girls put together some lovely gifts, all of their own doing, including a decorative plate, bookmarks (galore!), a pin board and a ‘memory’ book, with some lovely photographs and messages from Charlotte – with plenty of pages for us all to contribute.

Our morning walk to the bay was bathed in sunshine. Alice had a nap on her Daddy’s back, whilst he scooted along the bay, with Charlotte and Sophie scooting alongside (and me jogging).

The high spring tide and surf was beautiful.

In the afternoon, after a little rest at home and dip in the paddling pool, we had a wonderful time on the waterfront in Wellington. Civic Square has been transformed, with a layer of artificial turf, as part of the fun and games surrounding the RWC 2011. It’s amazing how a change of surface can make a space completely different. We all had a laugh rolling around on the turf, playing games, before Alice fell fast asleep in the buggy – perfect timing for dinner 🙂

Satay Village, always a favourite, was perfect and a very happy Daddy enjoyed a dinner fit for a King…

A fabulous day with our very special and much loved man of the house! x