Scorching Bay: Still as Magic as Ever

It’s been months since we visited Scorching Bay. The Chocolate Fish is no more, but Scorching Bay still holds its own special magic. Thankfully, there’s a little operation selling the essentials: ice-cream and coffee – what more could a parent wish for!

The bay has also been given a smarten up by the City Council, with beautiful landscaping work and easier access to the beach – not that we ever found it difficult! A ramp-way and two, wide set of steps provide ease of access. There are a number of benches and bins – all essential facilities – and even the shower and foot wash-off facility have been given a spruce up.

Of course, the only thing the girls were interested in was the sea, the sand and… the new climbing frame! Now that had the biggest pull factor for the girls!

And so, after Charlotte enjoyed a fun morning at Kindi (building a spewing volcano in the sand-pit and exploding geyser), we spent a magic afternoon at the beach. We stopped off at Breaker Bay playground on the way home – as Sophie was in danger of falling asleep way too late in the afternoon!