From Chinese NY to a Pasifika Festiva and Te Papa is 10!

Wellington Rocks! We’ve had a blast over the past couple of weekends. We dressed up in red with Grandma and Grandad to join in the Chinese NY celebrations last weekend.

This weekend we rocked into town to dance to the beat of the Pasifika Festival on Saturday and join thousands of people to celebration Te Papa’s 10th Birthday.

Te Papa really was mad with people and we didn’t stay long – there were a lot of people with young children with a look of, ‘We’re about to blow!’. We couldn’t get in through the main ‘Level 2’ entrance due to extreme over-crowding and were lucky to escape via the ‘Bush Garden’ and in through the Nature Space area.

The Pasifika Festival was beautiful, even with the persistently light drizzle. Temperatures were warm though and the water was serene. We spotted a couple of stingrays mellowing out in the lagoon and couldn’t help wondering what they made of all the people milling past.

Meanwhile, Grandma and Grandad have been busy in the South Island, taking in magical vistas of Mt Cook and seeing Hector’s Dolphin off the Canterbury Coast. They’re currently in Queenstown and taking a ride up the Skyline Gondala tomorrow. We’ve egged them on to have a go on the ‘luge’ (don’t expect they’ll do the Ledge bungy – unlike dear ‘Chinese Grandma’! – Now that was one, crazy experience!).