Capital E Puppet Expo

Capital E has grown so much in recent years, now filling the school holidays with wonderful entertainment for parents and children alike. This Easter hols there is a wonderful ‘Puppet Expo‘ on. For only $5 per person there are famous puppets (Yoda!), shadow puppetry, a fabulous show (with plenty of belly laughs for all) and work stations to make an assortment of puppets. It was really inspiring to see so much good old fashioned fun – a simple sock can be so many things!

Prior to the puppet expo we went to watch ‘Seasons‘ a fabulous, 45-minute, production. The three actors sang us through the seasons in a bright, entertaining display of colour, nature and puppetry. We were all entranced. Bravo!

After Seasons we stopped for lunch at the cafe in Central library – bumping into Rachel and Myles! They joined us for the puppet expo and the children had a wonderful time with their self-made puppets dancing to the music….

On our way back to the car we stopped off on the waterfront for an ice-cream by the lagoon. It was low-tide and the rock-pools were brimming with life; crabs (some young boys bravely picked them up from under the rocks!), starfish, cats-eyes, shrimp, limpets, fish…. just beautiful. Charli said, ‘Wow! I really am having the best day!’.

Finally, we pulled in at our local library to pick up some DVD’s (hence my freedom to enjoy a cuppa and write a quick blog post!), before stocking up on more mandarins at the super-market – Charli would quite happily eat at least five in a row!

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