Ta muchly my cheeky cherubs!

We had a cracking weekend, with Mothers Day on Sunday meaning a good excuse (never really need one) for munching chocolate, delighting in some ‘manky’ mags (as Dan has taught the girls to call the gossip magazines), flowers and a new pair of winter boots (well, I was delighted that my old pair had holes in the soles at just the right time… as there are a beautiful array on show throughout the shoe world at this time of year!). Of course the girls have an excuse for new boots every season with their forever growing pinkies; but I have to walk some serious pavements to warrant a new pair – and that usually takes two seasons – so I’m loving my cherry red, cheerful booties and am grateful to the return of sun so I can tread some serious mileage in them!

On Mothering Sunday, we spent the morning at the wave pool in Porirua, followed by a visit to the Pataka Gallery. Dan cooked a delicious roast dinner in the early evening (complete with Yorkshire puddings – bought frozen from the supermarket – and made in Yorkshire!) and we all flopped into bed early. The girls were so sweet in the morning, bringing me up their cards and paintings. I love the way they ‘try’ to give me a lie in – but can’t help themselves from ‘popping’ in every ten minutes to fill me in on their activities – I just lay there – opening my eyes when absolutely necessary, with a sleepy, contented, smile on my face.

The evening before I had a catch up with a friend at The Tasting Rooms, where we enjoyed a lovely meal. Saturday was fabulous – Dan took Sophie out in the morning for some easy time at the local beach and then we headed off to Petone in the ‘avo for Dan’s soccer. Unfortunately, Dan read the time of his game wrong and turned up just as his team were finishing up in defeat (arrr!). Ah well, though he was down on missing a game (doh!) we had a fab time at the mini-golf in Petone (I played the worse and Charli, all skill, scored two holes in ones!) and at ‘Time Zone‘ in the city, before we parted ways (and I bought my boots!).

The girls are good as gold and it’s so easy with them these days. They share and play so well together that I’m currently reading a book a week! What more could a ‘book-worm’ mother love! Oooo and they bought me a new book too! I love my ‘serious’ non-fiction books, but am balancing them out with lots of fictional easy reads too – pure escapism. And the girls are inspired to read more… seeing me read, Charli is quick to keep up – especially now she’s managing ‘Chapter Books’ – (she feels such a ‘big girl’ now!). Sophie has a quick memory and can remember a story after one reading – so then retells it in her own words – sometimes getting remarkably accurate to the actual words. There’s nothing nicer than seeing the girls curled up together sharing a book. And here they are, sharing a beautiful tree ‘seat’! Awwww….

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Amusingly, looking back on the archives, we didn’t do anything special for Mothering Sunday in 2005 (don’t think we’d worked out the ‘date’ it was – seeing as I was only a year and a bit into ‘mothering’ and it’s a different date to the UK!) and in 2004 we were too busy enjoying ourselves in good ‘ole England.
And that’s all folks – as in May 2003 I was heavily pregnant and had no idea of what was ahead of me!