Sunshine Sunday Surprise

Sunday morning and Charlotte had a mock jazz exam. By the time it had finished there was an unexpected colour in the sky – BLUE! Sophie hadn’t been pony riding for a while so we piled in the car to the wonderful Country Club Riding Academy in Ohariu Valley. Sophie ran in to greet the friendly staff and got saddled up for a ride on Duchess, whilst Charlotte, sleeping Alice and I headed up to the Saddleback Cafe to order some pancakes.


Talk at the stables was all about the flooding from the torrential downpour the day before. Duchess wasn’t much bothered about it though, happily munching on a carrot that Sophie had fed her. The stream running around the stables was running fast and higher than usual, so not much chance of feeding the eels. The girls did try, but some ducks ended up being the lucky recipients of the food. Great conditions for ‘Pooh’ stick competitions and dam building.


The sun felt marvellous and Alice woke up to enjoy it and scoff down a couple of chips! Sophie reported back on her ride and proudly said, “I got Duchess to trot by tapping her sides and talking to her. She didn’t listen to Daddy when he said, ‘Whoa’, but she listened to me!”


By the time we got home the weather was on the change again, with a brisk southerly whipping in. Glad we managed to catch some sun whilst it lasted!

We’ve certainly had a fun weekend, fueled on coffee for Mummy! A hotch-potch video below of dancing, pony riding, Alice’s first dip in the pool and some home style singing and playing on the piano (ear plugs advised!):