Shades of red from New Zealand: The Gallery

This week’s theme on the wonderful ‘Gallery’ is ‘The Colour Red’ (with an optional Halloween twist).

It wasn’t until I started looking back on all our photographs that I realized how evocative a colour it is and how all colours hold so many different memories. I have spent so much longer than I ought to have and one thing is for certain – the colour red is not conducive to sleep! I’ve sat here, on the futon in my bedroom, scrolling through images of red for hours.

Red can be warm, snuggled up in a blanket by a cosy mid-winter fire.
Red can be glorious on a sunny day when rich, red roses fill the air with a heady scent.
Red can be dangerous and fill us with fearful awe,
The volatile nature of the earth so precarious where the crust is thin.

Red can be funny like a clown’s nose,
Or scary like a vampire’s bite.
Red can be beautiful, like the bloom of Pohutukawas,
And fill us with love, lust and passion.

Red makes me think of so many events throughout the calendar year and brings back many memories of our time in New Zealand…

The beautiful Pohutukawa blossoms of a New Zealand summer…

Pohutukawa Lyall Bay Wellington

A wonderful Halloween party at Capital E in Civic Square Wellington. They put on a fabulous event every year, which is fun and safe for children.

Halloween 2008 Capital E, Civic Square, Wellington

The fiery skies we saw from our first home in Brooklyn, when we were often up before dawn with our first born. The ever changing sky and incredible views made those broken night’s a little easier…

Fiery sunrises

The magical toadstools of autumn…

Toadstool 1

Which really delighted Charlotte and Sophie on one special autumnal walk in Zealandia (formerly known as Karori Wildlife Sanctuary) a couple of years ago…

Fairy toadstool in Zealandia

And the tulips of spring in the Botanical Garden…

Tulips Botanical Garden Wellington

The association of the colour red with good fortune for the Chinese people and how we dress up in red for the Chinese New Year Festival in Wellington each year…

Chinese New Year Festival with Grandma & Grandad

The beach days…

Lyall Bay beach

The snow days on Mt Ruapehu…

Mt Ruapehu

Birthday parties and clowns

Charlotte's 5th Birthday - Harry the Clown

And double decker buses a long way from home…

Double decker bus for a wedding in Houghton Bay

The incredible force of nature at Red Crater in the magnificent Tongariro National Park

Red Crater, Tongariro National Park

And the splash of colour a red umbrella can bring to an otherwise dreary day…

rainy day

Red has me hooked and before the midnight hour befalls me I must away to sleep, like baby Alice on my lap.


Please visit ‘The Gallery‘ to see more wonderfully inspired photographs on the theme ‘The Colour Red’.

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