Lyrical Sunday – Romance

Lose not the feeling, of courting romance,
When hearts pounded, with yearning, in our chests.
We led each other on a merry dance,
And teased ourselves playing cat and mouse jests.

We vowed to always take one another back,
That night, long ago, at the Uni Ball.
Our eyes met and we glossed over the cracks,
Filling them with passion, till they grew small.

But dramas of our youthful days, still take –
my breath away. Memories keep us strong,
when mists threaten, to envelop the lake –
that holds our love deep, & recalls our song.

And now, when our lives are busy, with children & chores,
Romance hides everywhere, even in drawers.

Easter weekend 2011

© Sarah Lee, 2011


We met one night at a college dance
Some say it was a meeting by chance
My Liverpool beau came into view
He said those words “Can I dance with you?”

Young love is a journey that tests the heart
We felt it hard to be apart
Forty years ago we wed
Our vows before family and friends we said

Today we see, like boughs of a tree
Our love grows more and more
Grandparents now and our loves broken free
The new generation’s branches to see.

Mum & Dad at The Ritz celebrating 40 years of marriage

© Celia Aspinall, 2011


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