The fairies have been busy!

As Sophie writes in her recent blog post the fairies have been really busy at our house recently, one fairy in particular (though we think she had a little help from someone). Sophie had been waiting a long time for one of her top middle teeth to fall out. It had been hanging on a thread, sticking out like an iceberg, whilst the adult tooth pushed and shoved its way through.

Waiting for the third tooth...

Finally, at the weekend, after a month or so of me asking her to give it a good wiggle and asking, ‘Hasn’t it come out yet?!’ (fearing a trip to the dentist to have a costly extraction of a baby tooth – which had been so much trouble to grow in the first place), it came out! This one didn’t find its way mysteriously vanished to fairy land after biting into a chocolate bar (like her first tooth did – which I wrote about in this post). This one was caught by Sophie (whilst she slid down the stairs on a spare mattress!).

I safely put it on a little saucer, on the windowsill (unfortunately it was the windowsill by the kitchen sink…).

I walked into the kitchen some hours later to see Sophie bent over the sink, raking through the dirty dishes and bits of rice… looking for her tooth!

‘Oh Mummy!’ she cried. ‘I only wanted to put it under my pillow! I waited so very long for this special tooth to fall out and now I’ve lost it down the drain!’.

Oh poor love. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of disappointment. She cried for a good half hour, taking her self off to her bedroom to cry into her pillow and mourn her loss. In time, she calmed down and accepted there was nothing we could do… but the fairies, with their magic powers, would surely be able to retrieve the tooth and of course they’d ‘know’ a tooth was missing from her mouth!

Meanwhile, Dan went looking for a ‘tooth’ (but those tooth fairies really do take them away!) and Charlotte wiggled one of her loose teeth, generously offering to donate it secretly as ‘Sophie’s missing tooth’! [Charlotte you are an AMAZING sister!].

I wrote an important letter to the tooth fairy (with Alice’s assistance) and everyone went to bed happy.

I lay next to Sophie as she drifted off to sleep. She asked me to answer a question, truthfully, ‘Mummy, are you and Daddy really the tooth fairy?’. I said, ‘If I said ‘Yes’ wouldn’t you be disappointed?’. ¬†She said, ‘No’, and I said, ‘Well, we may help the tooth fairy sometimes, but there’s no way your Daddy or I will be flying down that drain tonight!’.

The next morning there was some money from the tooth fairy and a note…

‘WOW! Thank you Sophie! P.S. We got wet! x’

Bye bye third milk tooth