Lyrical Sunday is Dancing!

Welcome to Week 24 of Lyrical Sunday!

This week we are dancing! Come and join us if you feel like it. Link up below with a poem or song. What makes you feel like dancing?

Lyrical Sunday

Couldn’t resist this gem from the seventies (yes, I was a seventies born gal!).

Moving to the beat

I can’t sit still when there’s a beat,
My body moves on restless feet.
How can they sit so still and calm,
When the air’s filled with a musical charm.

It does not matter where I am,
Cafe, bus stop, or supermarket,
My feet follow, like Mary’s little lamb,
The musical notes lead me to the beat.

by Sarah

Dancing in the Hills

My feet felt like dancing when I walked amongst the hills,
My boots seemed to skip along, enjoying all the thrills,
Dancing feet,
Prancing feet,
My heart was filled with glee,
Dancing feet,
Prancing feet,
My boots felt free !!

by Grandma

Charlotte's poem