The biggest surprise for Sophie

She moved so smoothly, like her body was one with Charm’s.

She’d waited all day with great excitement, saying, ‘Oooooo, I can’t WAIT! When is it time? When is it time? I just want to go now!’.

‘I’m only a quarter nervous this time,’ she said.

‘I have proper stirrups now, metal ones and they have to be at a certain part of your foot.’

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We picked up Dan on the way to the stables. Alice fell asleep in the car, but woke later so she could see the horses and baby ducklings.

Every fortnight we visit the stables for Sophie’s lesson. Charlotte doesn’t like to come, and has a play with her friend, as she really doesn’t like the smell of horses – she much prefers dancing, singing, playing her guitar and reading.

This week Sophie rode with amazing confidence and grace. She has tried so many different hobbies, but horse-riding is the one she has stuck with, sometimes having to overcome feelings of great anxiety and nerves.

This week she received the biggest surprise news. At the end of her lesson she was told she could go on a trek next time! So long as the weather is fine, she’ll be heading up the hill to the rolling hills, with views to the ocean.

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I think I may have to hire a horse and head up into the hills with her one week too! She can teach me how to ‘rise and trot’, canter and how to hold the reins!!

We celebrated afterwards with a curry at Daawat Indian Restaurant – Alice’s first! The girls were treated so well by the staff there and given special drinks ‘on the house’, as well as a surprise dessert! A very lovely Friday evening indeed.

And now, it’s the weekend!

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