Air – Inspiration Weekly

The house was quiet and the time all mine,

‘Go for a run,’ he said, but there was no time.

The vacuum blasted hot air in my face,

The air in the room, muggy and moist,

A barometer swinging to rain.

I could feel the pressure in the air move –

my muscles pumped the vacuum back and forth,

picking up the crumbs, dust, glitter and fluff.

My pulse faster, my breath inhaled deeper.

No children, just me in the house.

A jog would have felt fresher, the air cleaner,

this was second best, but I was still aware.

Awareness is my key to the life force,

It unlocks the padlock and lets the light in.

I’m reminded when I encounter extremes;-

A blast of cold or a wave of heat.

Air tainted with smoke or a shroud of mist.

A lack of air when I run or climb,

Inhaling deeper to keep me pumped and alive.

When I notice with open awareness, body and mind,

The air is so sweet, intoxicating and fine.

Each inhalation bringing light and life,

Every exhale removing pain and strife.

© Sarah Lee, 2011


This was written for ‘Inspiration Weekly’ – the theme this week is ‘Air’.

The linky is open till Sunday 20 November if you would like to join in.

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