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Inspiration Weekly

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I have no idea what I shall do yet, but my mind is racing with thoughts of  feathers floating in the breeze, leaves falling from trees, clouds racing in the sky, incense smoke coiling in scented swirls.


Or I think of polluted air, grimy cities, laden with smog and congested, heavy air. I barely dare to inhale, each breath so painful and unpleasant.

Then my mind races away to a crisp mountain scene, where the air is so fresh it’s intoxicatingly beautiful. My lungs savour every clean intake of breath with delight. Every cell in my body opens itself to the life giving air, glowing as the oxygen enters my body and travels around its every pore. Memories of hiking in the Swiss Alps flood over me.

I feel inspired to get out with my camera and try to capture ‘air’ in a scene. The way it can change a scene, with mist and cloud, make it calm and serene, or eerie and unsettled. Sometimes air can make me feel so alive and alert, other times it can envelop and suppress in a heat haze of mugginess.


Maybe I’ll write a poem or take a yoga class to meditate with deep inhalations. Perhaps I’ll sit against a tree trunk, gazing up at the leaves blowing in the breeze and sketch what my eye sees, or simply go fly a kite!


Have fun, imagine, create and breath…. inhale…. and exhale. See you on Sunday! x



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