Feet: Inspiration Weekly

I hope my children’s feet will always love the feel of mud,

To never stop walking on dewy grass

– and on a sandy beach.

To kick off their smart shoes and go bare-foot

– whenever they have the chance.

To feel the connection to the earth

– through every flex, step and joint.

To dance without thinking, but  simply feel the beat.

To defy gravity and swing from a trapeze.

I hope their feet feel confident to stride out and explore,

To climb great heights, to walk with strength, to step on –

when they think they can’t go on anymore.

And to know, that however far they roam –

their feet can always bring them home.

They can walk and walk –

searching for answers –

but sometimes all they need –

is to kick of their shoes, walk barefoot and feel the ground beneath.

© Sarah Lee, 2011

Written for this week’s ‘Inspiration Weekly‘ theme of ‘Feet‘.

Day 2 of Wairarapa weekend - Castlepoint beach and Poplar cottage on Tinui Station2

This is one of my favourite photographs, though not strictly of feet
– but all those ‘soles’ belonged to different people, once upon a time!


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