Lyrical Words on a Tuesday

Lyrical Sunday‘ theme is ‘Words’ over at Latte Junkie’s blog this week. As inspiration she included this powerful video, which really took my breath away for a moment (and left me wordless):

How to follow that?!

Ah well I’m a good sport damn it, and my brain needs a workout, so here goes…

Words are what I play with when they’ve gone to sleep,
I hear their words all day, not all of which I like.
My words often go unheard – like a song stuck on repeat.
No one listens – till I get on my knees –
and with my eyes, a response, I plead.

Words are what they play with, unknowing of their power,
Words of love and hate, tossed like scrabble letters in a bag.
I listen with a guarded heart, I try to steer the flow,
One day, I hope, a better world their words will help to sow.

Words are my friend and foe, painting the canvas of life.
At times they wax lyrical, with ease of flight –
or fail to come at all.
Birth, death, the awe of nature, space and mother earth –
Leave me lost for words.
Quiet of mind, only breath, in the welcome silence.

By Sarah Lee, 2011