Only | Lyrical Sunday

‘ONLY’ is the prompt that ‘Latte Junkie’ has set for Lyrical Sunday this week. I struggled with this one, but late last night – after reading Cyndi’s brilliant TWO poems on the theme ‘Only’ (not only one – but two poems!) – inspiration finally came to me.

This poem is about Wellington and is probably most understood by those who live here, or who have spent time here. Those that have never been often think only of ‘the wind’ – but in truth there’s a lot more besides the wind – though it certainly contributes to the ‘wild beauty’ of New Zealand’s capital city nestled in the hills.

WILD AT HEART - Wellington Airport with a wild Lyall Bay

If only I could leave you, without any pain –

Say ‘farewell’ to the games we’ve played and move on –

to adventures new, without feeling lame.

Truth is – only you can take my wild heart –

and play it like a harp.

Crashing waves at the end of the airport in Lyall Bay

Only you, truly know, four seasons in one day.

You’ve nestled me in your hilly terrain –

and caressed my days of darkness away.

Through the dark days

If only I could take a piece of you –

in a locket chained safe about my neck.

I’d cleanse my spirit in the bays with you –

and climb your ridges to keep my heart in check.

© Sarah Lee, 2012



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