Pony Riding at Mackay’s Crossing

A couple of weekend’s ago we drove up to MacKay’s Crossing on the Kapiti Coast and the girls enjoying pony riding at Stables on the Park. Sophie, in particular, is currently a horse fanatic. She wants to watch ‘Saddle Club’ all the time, has a pile of books out from the library and is always playing horses. She asks every day to go horse riding, but most of the places we can go are a good half hour drive out of town. She has a little foam wedge alongside her futon to stop her rolling out at night and she has turned it into her own pony which she rides at every opportunity!

Charlotte loved watching ‘Harry the Clown’ and she is overjoyed that he is available on her fast approaching Birthday, which falls on a Saturday this year.

Here’s some photographs of our wonderful time:

We rode the tram down to the beach and the girls loved playing in the little estuary leading out to the sea. It wasn’t exactly summer temperatures, but that didn’t stop them from getting wet through and having a laugh sailing little drift wood boats on the seaward current.