Medieval Knights and Jousting

On Sunday we stepped back in time at Harcourt Park, in Upper Hutt for the 2009 World Invitational Jousting Tournament.

Watching the sword fighting we felt transported into the medieval world (apart from the sea of cameras and modern day attire of the onlookers). The swords were sharp and the fighting real enough to cause involuntary gasps and cries from the crowd. Our girls looked on with eye-balls almost popping out and weren’t quite sure what to make of it all! It was better than any history book.

We meandered around the medieval village, almost in slow motion, dazed at the colourful, canvas tents and costumed villagers. My eyes couldn’t help but fall on the occasional handsome ‘Knight’ and imagine myself, for a moment, a Lady catching the eye of some brave and noble Sir. My hand reaching for a small favour to grace him with before he bravely rode into combat… and then my stomach grumbled so we headed for the coffee, chip and doughnut stand!

Medieval music filled the air from traditional instruments and maids danced gracefully to the melodies. We were captivated by the decorative tents and invited into one; much to the wonder and delight of the girls! The participants of the event were camping under the stars in their medieval creations and one can imagine that much, merry mead was consumed – all in good, historic gaiety!

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Leaving the medieval times behind we left Harcourt Park to head on to Rivendell in Kaitoke Regional Park, which was a site for the filming of The Lord of the Rings. The rain set in, but it was still mild, and the girls had already enjoyed a dip in the paddling pool at Harcourt Park and weren’t a bit put off. They delighted in the scenery and walking across the swing bridge, as well as throwing large pebbles into the river!

Finally, on the way home, we briefly stopped off at The Silverstream Railway, to play on the engine outside (as it was well past closing time and too late for a ride on an operational steamer!).

What a magic day, spanning historical, cultural and engineering delights!