Night Poems: Lyrical Sunday Week 9

It’s Lyrical Sunday time! A poem from Grandma & Granddad in England, as well as 7 year old Charlotte, this week.


By ‘Chicken’ Grandma & Granddad
in England

Stars shine out, the moon is full
When we go to bed at night
We take a peep to see the sight
Of dark –

But glowing in the dark of night, shines the street light near our house
Sometimes a fox creeps by the door
A hedgehog too, for snacks to store.

As we go to bed at night
Our thoughts go out to those in light
As we sleep the night away
They wake to greet another day

Switch out the light and dream some more
Of those who wake on distant shore.



By Charlotte,
Age 7

When the night falls
A sudden chill of darkness fills the air
In my room it turns to pitch black
As if there’s been a power cut
A sudden chill of darkness fills my bed
As if a monster’s in my head
I would like to play
But there’s just no time
To do that right yet
I can’t get to bed without warm milk
And that’s a bit of a pity about that
Then I lay my head to sleep
In my nice and cosy bed



by Sarah

I lie awake, hot and sticky,

Listening to the cicadas cacophony.

Sleep will not come this still, dark night,

Though my mind yearns for its blanket touch.

My child has me dancing to Greenwich Mean time,

Though the Pacific Ocean tries to lull me to sleep.

As the darkness toys with me, my thoughts drift seaward,

For in the light my dear loved ones walk, wrapped

against the winter cold.

We share not the same night, but dream a wish,

to walk together on a starlit shore.

To sit beneath a summer moon, and talk together,

in the same time zone.


Looking forward to reading your poems. Please link up below x

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