Lyrical Sunday – Monsters (with a special poem from Chinese Grandma!)

The Red Monster – Our Jim
by Chinese Grandma

We have a little monster,
Who came to visit us,
All the way from England,
On a plane and on a bus.

He is a little devil,
And likes to move about,
In the trees and bushes,
Of that there is no doubt.

He hid inside a pretty fern,
When it began to rain,
So then he had to move again,
It really was a pain.

He found a shelf inside the fridge,
But oh, it was so cold,
He said “I’ll have to move from here,
If I can be so bold.”

Grandma tries to help him,
To find a hiding place,
It is a little tricky,
‘Cos he has a bright red face.

He likes to sit upon,
The garden shed, you know,
And when the sun is shining,
His face is all aglow.

Sophie always finds him,
Wherever he may be,
He looks at her and seems to say,
“Look Here – It’s me! It’s me!”

Charlotte finds him easily,
He isn’t hard to find,
He always seems to smile at her,
Because she looks so kind.

He’s been up on the parasol,
Looking down at us,
Even in the wind and rain,
He didn’t make a fuss.

He doesn’t want to leave us,
So, he’s staying here forever,
He makes our days so happy
And really likes our weather.

So now that he belongs to us,
We must take care of him,
‘Cos he’s part of our family now,
And his name will be “Our Jim”!

The Monster that came to stay with Grandma

The Monster that arrived in Grandma’s Suitcase
By Sarah

Grandma arrived on a plane from England,
But her suitcase got lost on the way.
By the time her case turned up in Welly,
An ugly monster had climbed in to play.

When Grandma opened up her case,
He trumped a royal ripper, and then,
He turned, with a mischievous grin,
And ran to hide without a din.

We ran away on holiday,
And left the house with a friend,
But little did we know what lay,
Lurking in the end.

The red, ugly face of the monster hid,
In the fridge, behind a lid.
She left it alone and went about her day,
Hoping the monster would go far away.

When we returned from holiday,
The monster kept appearing,
It moved without a trace, each day,
Each place a little more daring.

And then we had a hunch,
That Grandma moved the face at lunch,
She and the monster working together,
Surely this can’t go on forever.

We’ll miss the surprise,
Of seeking each day,
The monster that slipped in the suitcase,
When Grandma came to stay.

Monsters Aren’t Scary
By Sophie
Age 5

Oh the monsters, oh the monsters, they might
Be scary, but really they are harmless.
So why don’t the people be nice to the monsters.
Because, if the people are not nice, the
Monsters will not be nice back.

The Furious Monster
By Charlotte
Age 7

The Fire breather,
A Bone cruncher,
A Colourful rainbow,
A Horn spiker,
A Speeding swimmer.


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