Colour Poetry: Lyrical Sunday (Week 11)

I feel calm with my bare skin brushing green.
The colour of nature, its needs unseen.
A transfer of love between us exists,
Like the cycle of air that must persist.

So many shades envelop my senses,
Intoxicating me with their riches.

The darkest green is like a winters cloak,
The scent of evergreen pine, rich to soak.
I fill a bathtub on a frosty day,
Watching the branches in my garden sway.

The vibrant green of a tender new shoot,
Permeates the soil with hope as it takes root.
Some vistas of green are so luminescent,
A spirt of the forest seems present.

I have a deep love for natures sweet green,
Seeded in my heart, as an infant keen.

by Sarah Lee, 2011


Colours of the Rainbow

The rainbow is full of colours true.
Red is the heart full of love for you,

Orange the warm midday sun.
Yellow your sunshine in smiles of fun.

Green is new life in the world all around.
Blue in the sky and the oceans sound

Indigo – the depth of the blue.
Violet completes the rainbow true.

A paint box is just like a rainbow too;
Mixing the colours I think of you.

by Celia Aspinall (Grandma)


Hope you’ve had fun toying with colour in poetry this week. I found the theme quite overwhelming as different colours evoke such various emotions, connections and scenes in the mind.

If you haven’t written a poem yet, don’t worry! The linky will remain open all week.

Charlotte and Sophie wrote their poems at the beginning of the week, when the theme was set, which you can read here.

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