Earth Poems: Lyrical Sunday – Week 10

Welcome to Week 10 of Lyrical Sunday!

Lyrical Sunday

This week’s theme is EARTH. Charlotte was inspired by Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’.

My offering is below and I can’t wait to read your poems. The linky will be open all week.



by Sarah


Spinning on its axis in space,
I gaze upon the hues of rainbow lace.
The delicate nature of its chemistry,
Making life a rich and varied certainty.

The greens, the blues, the polar whites,
All look so perfect from afar.
But as I sit and gaze upon a star,
I know with sadness that all is not right.

There are perfect pockets upon your fragile crust,
But so much more has been destroyed by peoples lust.
Your rumbling discontent, through quake, fire and flood,
Reminds us to tread carefully through the mud.

In grief, for species long extinct, you roar in rage,
And we cry out ‘Why?!’, as though we rule the stage.
All this death and destruction is hard to take,
But you know that already Earth, for pity’s sake.

With apologies from one of the many billion.
The most destructive species on the planet.


Looking forward to reading your poems. Please link up below x

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