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In this moment I am fortunate to be living in the season of life – Spring. My home is surrounded by plants, trees, flowers and vegetables. They grow easily in the temperate climate of my home. I have children running around my home, reminding me of the energy of life. Less than two years ago I felt life growing within me and gave birth to new life.

When my daughter Charlotte, aged 8, suggested the subject of ‘Life’ for ‘Inspiration Weekly’ I thought two things, ‘Yes’ and ‘Where to start?!’.

She came up with this…

Charlotte's 'Life' poem with a photo of Sophie

I just LOVE this and the photograph she chose of Sophie.

I sat down for a moment, in between the various chores and keeping Alice from peeing on the floor or spilling a drink on purpose, or tipping over a plate of food to work out what reaction she’d get. I thought so many things, I didn’t write much, I watched Alice scribbling on my paper, putting ink stamps on herself and on me. She moved outside, to bounce on the trampoline in the sunshine, I sat by her – still with pencil and paper in hand. I listened to the birds, gazed at the array of colourful flowers in my green, lush garden, felt the contentment of a well nourished body.

I watched her climb off the trampoline and roam in the garden.

Life at its best

My life is one of the lucky ones. Free speech, free expression, free to worship, or not, whatever God, Gods or Goddesses I choose. My children have readily available and free health care (to a certain extent), education is a right by law, they live in a clean, safe environment, free from war, with clean water and an abundance of healthy food.

I thought of the box of fireworks we had bought to light this evening. I thought of the thousands of dollars spent on extravagant entertainment the world over. I thought of greed. I thought of poverty. I thought of war. I thought of hunger. I thought of love. I thought, ‘Where on earth do I start in writing about ‘Life’?!’.

Below is all I wrote and drew. Two pages. One an expression of love and the other an expression of great sadness for the suffering of millions. We have enough. We have more than enough.

Millions of people, children, parents, grandparents, pray every day for an end to their suffering and hunger, an end to war and persecution. How do they keep fighting when they have already experienced more than enough pain. Is there no end? I pray there is one day. I pray for us all to see a better way forward to a more balanced earth, where all life and all species get a better chance of a happy life of love and hope.

Life, Love and Suffering

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